About TeslaCam

TeslaCam is an online tool that automatically combines up to 4 clips from your TeslaCam Folder into a nicely arranged single video.

DISCLAIMER: TeslaCam is a personal side project for me to improve my coding skills, that has absolutely no affiliation with Tesla Motors, Inc. Although, if Elon Senpai ever comes across this page and would like to offer me a job, that would be really cool.

Merge Videos

General Rules

Please don't abuse the system! This server is fairly weak and has small storage of 500GB. If you guys blow it up, then I'll have to close down shop. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You are 100% responsible for the content you upload.
  • Only upload 1 sequence/timestamp at a time.
  • Do not stream the video. If you want to share it with your friends, download and post it on Facebook (shameless plug) or Youtube.

My Goals

I have serveral ideas for the applications that I want to build. Below is a list that I am working on. I can't promise to make them all so don't hold me accountable. Plus, Tesla can release all of these in their next update anyway (please don't).

TeslaCam Viewer · Coming Soon
Video Streaming
Rapsberry Pi Addon


If you like the software, please consider a donation. It will help me upgrade the server and develop more features.

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Contact Me

Email me at [email protected]